Time Update Log

Most Technical Maintenance Inputs or TMI's are for aircraft. There are two types of TMI entries: Time Update Log and Prior Maintenance Log. The Time Update entry is used to accumulate time against the airframe and may or may not have a maintenance entry.

TMI Entry - Main window

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Figure 18-2: TMI Entry - Time Update

Figure 18-2 shows the main TMI Entry window. It is from this window that the user can edit an unposted TMI entry, create a Time Update with or without maintenance, and create a Prior Maintenance entry.

Once a TMI log sheet has been posted, no further items can be added to it. Therefore, if a maintenance item has been missed, it is necessary to include it on a subsequent TMI log sheet.

  1. Click on Technical Records and select TMI Entry from the pull-down and click Go.
  2. Enter the search criteria for the item that you would like to perform the TMI. Select the applicable resultant Serial Number and click Ok.
  3. Select the New TMI Entry type Time Update (TU).
  4. Enter the journey log sheet information for the log number, date, hours and landings. Click Next.
  5. If there are parts that track time separately from the airframe, the Separate Time Tracking pop-up window will appear. By default the checkbox is not checked, which means that the item does not accumulate the hours and landings of the airframe. Adjust the hours and landings as required and click Save.

NOTE: Separate Time Tracking is set at the item's description level.

If a Maintenance Entry is required, complete all of the steps outlined in TMI Maintenance Entry.