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Figure 18-2: TMI Entry

The TMI (Technical Maintenance Input) Entry sub-module is the hub of the Technical Records module. For every log sheet record, the user will create a corresponding TMI log sheet. A TMI log sheet record will include the hours and landings an aircraft accumulated on a log sheet, as well as all of the maintenance details.

The hours and landings totals entered on a TMI log sheet record will cause the aircraft total times to be incremented by that amount, and furthermore cause all parts attached to the aircraft to have their respective times incremented as well. It is this process of time accumulation that allows RAAS to keep track of pending maintenance jobs.

While inputting log sheet data, the TMI Clerk will clearly detail information about part installations, removals, and constraint compliance. A constraint is something that determines the maintenance interval of a part or an inspection. A typical constraint would be an overhaul, and that overhaul constraint would be limited in terms of hours, landings, or calendar (days, months, years, or date). The limiters (hours, landings, and calendar) indicate to RAAS how often the overhaul must be accomplished. Constraint compliance is, therefore, the action of carrying out that overhaul constraint with respect to the aircraft records. Installation, removal, and constraint compliance are called maintenance actions, and it is this maintenance action data that TMI uses to update the maintenance status of an aircraft.