Now that the maintenance entry is in the TMI log, you may have to complete the detail(s) for this maintenance entry. Maintenance detail actions include: Install, Removal, Comply, Reset and Comply/Reset. The action may be scheduled or unscheduled. The problem, which indicates why the action is required, can range from warranty to failure.

When selecting an action, some thought must be given to what is supposed to happen with the item in question. RAAS employs a feature called Triggers to help the user link jobs to TMI actions.

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Figure 19-2: Action, Reason, Problem

Action, Reason, Problem

  1. Click the Add New Detail button.
  2. Select an Action, a Reason for the detail and the Problem that prompted the action.
  3. Click Next.

The maintenance entry detail example in Figure 19-2 shows a item that is Scheduled for Removal for Warranty purposes.

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Figure 19-3: Part for Maintenance

Part for Maintenance

  1. Select the desired Search Type, enter the search criteria and click Find.
  2. Select the applicable Serial Number.
  3. Click Next.

Figure 19-3 shows a Battery Assembly - Emergency Lights has been selected to be removed.

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Figure 19-4: Base Selection

Base Selection

  1. Select the Move To Base for removed parts.
  2. Verify the Hours, Landings and Date.
  3. Select the Servicability Status at Removal for the selected part for maintenance.
  4. Click Next.

When performing a Removal action on a part, that part is placed in the Return to Inventory for a specified Base.

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Figure 19-5: TMI Maintenance Details Result

TMI Maintenance Details Result

  1. If the maintenance detail entry was for a Comply or a Removal action, it may be necessary to repeat steps 1 thru 10 to add a maintenance detail entry for a Reset or Installation action.
  2. When all entries for this TMI log sheet have been made, click the Post button to allow the entry to be recorded in RAAS.