TMI or Technical Maintenance Input, takes care of several functions critical to aviation records keeping: hours and landings accumulation, technical log books, component and inspection reliability, part replacement and part and/or inspection constraint compliance.

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Figure 18-1: Technical Records

The Technical Records consists of four sub-modules:

  1. TMI Entry - The TMI (Technical Maintenance Input) Entry sub-module is the hub of the Technical Records module. For every log sheet record, the user will create a corresponding TMI log sheet.
  2. TMI Manager -
  3. TMI Resequencing - A log sheet with zero hours and landings can be resequenced. Log sheets would be re-sequenced in order that the Technical Logs reflect when the activity actually occurred.
  4. Flight Logs - The primary purpose of the Flight Logs sub-module is to display log information uploaded to RAAS from an Operations system via an automated feed.