Flight Logs

The Flight Logs sub-module allows for entry, modification and review of log sheet data. In addition, the sub-module serves as an entry point into RAAS for automatically generated flight data. Regardless of whether data is manually or automatically generated, one entry is required for every log sheet leg: a single log sheet might correspond to many individual records and legs in other words. A flight log can be created as follows:

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Figure 42-1: Flight Logs

  1. Click on Technical Records, select Flight Logs from the pull-down and click Go.
  2. Select an option from the Serial Number pull-down and then click Add Log.
  3. Enter log date, log number, and log details as appropriate. Click Save Changes to continue.

Hours and landings entered in Flight Logs are not applied to the aircraft until a log is accepted via selection of the relevant editor checkbox. An accepted log will subsequently be posted by the system, at which time aircraft time and landings are incremented and the log becomes read-only. Posted logs also become visible in TMI Manager.

The accessories tab shows separately time tracked (STT) and major assemblies. It allows adjustment of hours and cycles for applicable assemblies, as well as oil consumption tracking.

The Fuel Lift field shows the volume of fuel at take-off, and can be used to track fuel burn per leg. HSN, LSN, Created By and Last Modified are derived from other fields and are not directly modifiable by the user.

Flight Logs is one of two sub-modules allowing update of aircraft hours and landings; see TMI Entry for comparison.