The Discrepancies sub-module allows for creation and modification of defects or discrepancies noted on a log sheet, in addition to browsing and search of defects already recorded. A discrepancy can be created as follows:

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Figure 40-1: Technical Records

  1. Click on Planning & Production, select Discrepancies from the pull-down and click Go.
  2. Select an option from the Aircraft pull-down and then click Add Discrepancy.
  3. Enter log date, log number, and discrepancy details as appropriate. Click a bottom row button to finish.

Once the particulars are saved, a discrepancy is typically either rectified or deferred. Rectification implies immediate correction of a defect, and is accomplished via the rectification wizard launchable from the discrepancy editor's Rectify button. Clicking the Defer to JC button on the other hand will launch the job card creation wizard. Once a discrepancy is rectified or deferred it becomes read-only, and may no longer be modified.

Rectifications created in the Discrepancies module become available for use in maintenance logs in TMI Entry.