The Expense Center Transactions sub-module is a centralised collection of all parts and labour expense data. Expense Centers are specified when creating a job card or part request, and of course when issuing parts directly from the Expense Center Transactions sub-module. Typically, an Expense Center is defined for a particular aircraft for a specific period of time and are created in the Options module of RAAS – see OPTIONS EDITORS - ADD.

There are two ways to add Expense Center Items to a particular Expense Center; Manually or by Importing.

Manually Add EC Items

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Figure 21-2: Manual EC Items

  1. Click on Stores and select Expense Center Transactions from the pull-down.
  2. Generate Expense Center Transactions by clicking Aircraft, Inventory or Other/Misc and selecting one of the Expense Centers from the tree.
  3. Click the Add EC Item button at the bottom of the window to add an expense center item to the generated list of Expense Center Transactions.
  4. Non-part transaction types (Adjustment, Freight Charge, Labour, Non-Tracked, Other or Repair), are manually entered by typing a description. These transaction type expense entries cannot be reversed or un-issued because they are not an expenditure or stock increase.
  5. Expenditures or stock increases (consumable parts only) can only be created for tracked parts. To select the part to be affected, click the Add button.
  6. Indicate if the transaction item is for Internal Use or Outside Sales (Move part to Dead checkbox is selected and disabled).
  7. Enter the search criteria for a Part Number or Serial Number and click Find. Select the resulting Serial Number and click the OK button.
  8. For Expenditures: Select a Trace where the quantity remaining is greater than 0 (zero).
    For Stock Increases: Select a Trace where the quantity remaining is less than the quantity received. Click OK.
  9. If a part’s quantity must be increased by an amount that exceeds the originally received quantity of a given trace, create a new trace by clicking the Add Trace button. Enter a trace, quantity, price, per, price currency, date received, serviceability status, owner, vendor and reason. Click Save.
  10. Select the newly created Trace from the Trace pull-down and click OK.
  11. Select Save.

Importing Expense Center Items

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Figure 21-3: Importing Expense Center Items

The Import process brings forward all parts and labour that are associated to part requests, job cards and/or expense center items that have not yet been imported up to the specified date for the selected expense center(s).

  1. Click on Stores and select Expense Center Transactions from the pull-down.
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. Choose an import date and select the expense center(s) to be affected. All items up to and including this date will be imported for the selected expense center(s).
  4. Select the affected Expense Center from the list and click OK to generate the Expense Center Transactions.
  5. Click OK.