The Parts Requests module is designed to allow a Stores/Inventory clerk to create and/or fill part requests. The majority of part requests will be automatically created as a result of part requirements issued by Maintenance Planning for job cards. The Stores user can also manually create part requests as necessary.


  1. Click on Stores in the left menu.
  2. Select Part Request Listing from the pull-down and click Go.
  3. If the Part Request you want is not in the list; Click the Filter button to adjust the filter settings and click Save. Click Go to regenerate listing.

Find a Part Request

  1. Click the Find button located at the top right of the window.
  2. Choose a search type, enter the search criteria and click Find.
  3. Click on the desired result and click Go or double click the resultant.

Manual Part Requests

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Figure 20-2: Manual Part Requests

  1. Complete the navigation instructions above to generate a Part Requests Listing.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Tracked: Enter the search criteria to locate the required Part Number.
    Non-Tracked: Enter the Part Number and Part Description.
  4. You must enter a Quantity, Base, Demand Base and an Estimated Due date.
  5. The Part Request must either be associated to a Work Order or a Job Card.
  6. Click Create Part Request. The Part Request Detail window appears. The status of the Part Request will change from New to Open when the Open/Save button is clicked.
  7. To view the newly created part request in the Part Request Listing, click Go.

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Figure 20-3: Non-Tracked Part Requests

Non-Tracked Part Requests

In a generated Part Request Listing, Non-tracked items (items not in RAAS) are purple, but appear red when viewing the Part Request Detail window.

Once the part to fill this request with has been established, and has been entered into the system if necessary, the Stores clerk will modify the part number by clicking the magnifying glass beside the part requested. In the case of a non-tracked part, choose the applicable part number in the following window and click Save.

The Part Request Detail window will now indicate the proper part and can now be filled.

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Figure 20-4: Non-Master Part Requests

Non-Master Part Requests

Non-Master parts are red when viewing the Part Request Listing and the Part Request Detail window.

If the part requested is a Non-Master part and the Master part is to be supplied or ordered, then the Stores clerk can select a different part number by clicking the button next to the Non-Master part. The Modify Part Number window will allow the Stores clerk to select the Master part by checking the Alternative Only, selecting the part number with an asterisk and click Save.