As the user initiates and completes work in the various modules of RAAS, he/she will find an extensive suite of reports available that reflects both the historical and current status of all parts maintained in the system; remember, everything in RAAS is a part.

Within each module, the user will be presented with a choice of reports pertinent to the operations carried out in that module. The Report Listing outlines the location and purpose of each report within RAAS.

RAAS currently uses Crystal Reports 9 to create and display over 160 reports. From the User Accounts Options Editor, users can download the applicable ActiveX Viewer program to view these reports. The user can also select what type of viewer with which they would like use to display their reports: ActiveX or Interactive. You may need to install the 3of9 Bar Code Font before being able to print reports and/or labels that have bar codes on them.