Welcome to RAAS by AIS, thatís Remote Access Aviation System by Aviation InterTec Services.

Aviation InterTec Services is proud to introduce RAAS, the first fully functional Internet-based aviation maintenance system solution. RAAS is designed to allow your company to carry out all maintenance and inventory procedures over the Internet, or your company's Intranet, with complete access to live, real-time maintenance and inventory information.

The Internet brings new levels of functionality to the aviation maintenance and records arena. Distributed fleet operations of any size can easily manage multiple remote maintenance and inventory bases. Leasing operations can move aircraft between clients without the traditional problems associated with moving technical aircraft information. RAAS also lends itself well to the promotion and sales of aircraft.

RAAS is a hybrid system, integrating all aviation technical data functions including Technical Records, Inventory Control, Maintenance Planning, Purchasing, Inspection Document Management, Maintenance Production Control, Component Reliability, and Technical Log Books.

RAAS is a browser-based system, designed from the ground up for the Internet or your company's Intranet. It is not a system that was simply updated to operate on the Internet. RAAS takes advantage of the newest development tools, resulting in a very advanced, open-ended, and scalable system solution.

RAAS operates inside the Google Chrome browser. You must be using Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, as RAAS does not support Netscape or earlier versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Workstations must be able to operate at 1152x864 screen resolution because RAAS is designed with screens that fit 1152x864. We strongly recommend high quality graphics cards and high quality 17-inch (or larger) monitors capable of higher horizontal scan rates (72Hz or higher) for greater overall user comfort.