1. The Orders sub-module is comprised of the following sections (See Figure 23-1):

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Figure 23-1: Orders Sections

  1. Order listing with Vendor Search
  2. contains a listing of Open, Sent, Closed or Voided PO's for a selected vendor
  3. Only Open and Sent PO's can be deleted
  4. allows the purchaser to Add and Find a PO.
  1. Purchase Order header
  2. contains all the relevant information about the vendor and shipping information.
  1. Purchase Order Items listing
  2. Items Applied - allows the purchaser to add/edit items to be purchased from the selected vendor
  3. Items Recieved - allows the receiver to recieve items that the vendor has shipped
  4. Part Request Details - allows the receiver to Issue and Fill the item to a Part Request after they have been recieved