The Purchasing module is designed to manage both purchase orders (PO's) and repair orders (RO's). RAAS treats purchase orders and repair orders in the same way, the difference being that the company usually already owns parts received on a repair order.

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Figure 22-1: Purchasing Module

The Purchasing module contains five sub-modules:

  1. Orders - the Purchaser can create a new purchase order and order items for replenishing inventory, etc.
  2. Order Approval -
  3. Purchasing Inbox - the user responds to purchase requests by creating a new purchase order, or by issuing the parts requested to a purchase order that is already open.
  4. Invoice Matching - the Invoice Matching sub-module provides a facility for entering invoice data as invoices are received from vendors.
  5. Request for Quotation (RFQ) -
  6. Pending Repair Order List -