Work Packs

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Figure 27-1: RAAS Planning and Production - Work Packs

Work Packs allow the user to package Job Cards for scheduling and assignment. The Work Packs home screen is divided with the Work Pack listing on the left hand side and the selected Work Pack details on the right hand side.

The Work Pack listing allows the user to sort and select existing Work Packs. From the WP details, the user can modify the selected Work Pack details and add or remove Job cards. Work Packs can be created from either the Work Pack sub-module or the Job Card Listing.

Creating a Work Pack from the Work Pack sub-module:

  1. From the Work Pack home page, select Add WP.
  2. In the right hand portion of the screen, select the appropriate Aircraft, JC Group, and Base.
  3. A planned start date must be entered.
  4. Enter the desired description into the WP Description field.
  5. Select Save Changes.
    1. Note: Once the WP has been saved, the Aircraft and JC group cannot be edited, however the base can be when the status is new.

Creating a Work Pack from the Job Card Listing:

  1. From the Job Card Listing, select the desired Aircraft and JC group and click generate.
  2. Select the Job Card(s) in the listing that you would like to create a Work Pack for.
  3. Click the Process Sel button in the lower right of the JC listing screen.
  4. Select "Add selected Job Cards to Work Pack" in the Process Job Cards window.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select "Create a new Work Pack".
  7. Enter a Work Pack Description and a Planned Start Date.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Once a Work Pack has been successfully created, the user may now modify the WP details and add or remove desired Job Cards from the WP details in the Work Packs sub-module.