The Labor Entry sub-module is where employee labor times are logged. Labor entries are put towards either an Expense Center or a Job Card.

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Figure 37-1: Adding a Labor Entry

Adding an Entry

  1. Click on Planning & Production and select Labor Entry from the pull-down and click Go.
  1. Select an Employee from the pull down.
  1. Enter a Start and End Date for the period the labor entries will be in.
  1. Click Generate.
  1. Click Add to open the Labor Entry window.
  1. Select either By Expense Center or By Job Card.
  1. For By Expense Center, type in the name of the expense center and select the applicable one from the pull-down.
  1. For By Job Card, enter in a Job Card Number, select the applicable Company or Aircraft and the corresponding Job Card Group.

Note: If the job card does not exist or has been entered incorrectly, the Job Card Description field will say, "No Job Card meeting the criteria found". Otherwise, the description of the Job Card will be displayed in the Job Card Description field.

  1. Select a Trade from the pull-down. Trade types are defined in Options under Trades Lists.
  1. Next, select the applicable Labor Category. Labor categories are also defined in Options under Labor Categories.
  1. Enter the date in and out and the time in and out for the entry. Please note that times entered will default to 24hr time format.
  1. Add notes if necessary.
  1. Click Save.

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Figure 37-2: Generating Labor Entries

Generating Entries

  1. Select an employee from the pull down.
  2. Enter the Start and End Date for the time period the entries are in.
  3. Click Generate.
  4. Use the Prev and Next arrows to view multiple pages of labor entries.