Planning and Production is where all planned maintenance jobs are created, and the bulk of all maintenance activity is controlled. Maintenance in RAAS is based on a Job Card system where each maintenance job is given a card number, and that job card number is used to track the accomplishment of the maintenance job both before and after-the-fact. A job card need not become a physical item; the job card number and its associated information may only ever exist in data form. The hard-copy job card, if produced, is used by the maintenance engineer to direct the accomplishment of a maintenance job. For more information about the job card numbering system - SEE Job Card Numbering.

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Figure 13: Planning and Production Module

The Planning and Production module contains eleven sub-modules:

  1. Maintenance Forecast - The Maintenance Forecast sub-module is designed to allow the user to query for jobs that are coming due within a specified period of hours, landings, or days.
  2. Job Card Listing - The Job Card Listing sub-module allows users to Create, Modify and Print Job Cards.
  3. Work Packs - The Work Packs sub-module allows for packaging of Job Cards to aid in scheduling or assignment.
  4. Task Assignment
  5. Job Scheduling Analysis
  6. Maintenace Status Board
  7. Job Card Templates - Job Card Templates allow for repetitive Job Card data popualtion. Templates can automatically bring forward information such as tool, part and labor requirements in addition to reference material and supporting documentation.
  8. Document Library - The Document Library is a repository for any documentation that the user wishes to store within RAAS which in turn can be attached and brought forward to Job Cards via the Job Card Template.
  9. Labour Entry
  10. Email:Maintenace Forecast
  11. Email: Job Card Reporting