Maintenance planning and production in RAAS is coordinated through a Job Card system where each maintenance job is given a card number and that job card number is used to track the accomplishment of the job both before and after-the-fact. Routine/Planned maintenance job cards are created automatically when selected from a Maintenance Forecast while non-Routine or non-Planned job cards are created manually via the Job Card Listing.

A Job Card or Task Card is a printed document that contains a large amount of information pertaining to the maintenance job. Some of the more important information is the accomplishment instructions, trade and man-hours requirements, access panel list, graphic attachments, reference material and parts/materials list.


  1. Click on Planning and Production or Stores and select Job Card Listing from the pull-down and click Go.
  2. Select the applicable Aircraft or Company and Job Card Group.
  3. Click the Generate button.
  4. If the job card you want is not in the list; Click the Filter button to adjust the filter settings and click Save. Click the Generate button.

Find a Job Card

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of the Navigation instructions.
  2. Click the Find button.
  3. Enter the search criteria and select the appropriate fields and status criteria to be searched and click Find.
  4. Select the check box for the desired result and click View. Close the Job Card Find window once you have the desired Job Card.

Maintenance Forecast 

Issuing jobs to a New Job Card is accomplished by selecting jobs from a maintenance forecast listing. If you do not have a maintenance forecast list generated, follow the steps outlined in Maintenance Forecast - Generating a Maintenance Forecast Listing.

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Figure 14-3: Issuing Jobs

  1. Select the jobs to be issued by clicking the top check box at the beginning of the line. Selected jobs will be highlighted with red.
  2. Once you have selected the desired jobs, click the Issue button.
  3. Click Yes to continue.
  4. Select the Job Card Group, Base of Maintenance, and Expense Center (for non-internal job cards) to issue the selected job to and click Create.
  5. Click Ok to close the notice of successful job card creation.

NOTE: The maintenance forecast listing will refresh and the status of the issued job will change from Pending to Issued: (JC - #### P). Clicking on the blue hyperlink you will be able to view, but not modify, the newly created job card.

Job Card Listing

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Figure 14-1: Add Job Card

  1. Use the Navigation instructions to Generate the listing for which you will be creating a new job card.
  2. Click Add JC button, located at the bottom of the generated Job Card Listing window.
  3. If you generated the Job Card Listing with an Aircraft serial number, skip to step 4.
    If you generated the Job Card Listing with the Company serial number; Select No for a regular job card or Select Yes for an Internal Repair job card. Click OK to continue.

    NOTE: You cannot add a job card when Aircraft or Company selection is for All Line Maintenance.
  4. Select the affected serial number and enter a valid JobCard ATA and an estimated due date. If you enter a Deferred IAW, then you must also enter a date for the Due AF field.
  5. Click Save.

NOTES: The Job field text CANNOT exceed 1200 characters. The Deferred IAW field CANNOT exceed 500 characters. Internal Repair Job Cards are used for items being repaired in-house.