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Figure 9-1: Serial Number Trace

A Trace is a number or description that is given to all items at the time they are received see PURCHASING - RECEIVING ITEMS ON A PURCHASE ORDER. The Trace allows an item, or group of items, under a serial number to be traced back to the vendor.

In the case of consumables, a serial number simply represents a quantity, which can be broken down into one or many Trace.


  1. Click on Item Management and select Item Editor from the pull-down. Click on the binoculars that appear to the right to open the Quick Find.
  2. Using Quick Find, select the desired search type from the pull-down, enter the criteria and click Find.
  3. Select the applicable resultant and click the To Item Editor button. The Quick Find window will close, the window will refresh and display the selected resultant's details.

Trace Information window

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Figure 9-2: Trace Information window

Figure 9-2 shows the Trace Information window, which displays Trace Information in the upper portion and Trace listing displayed in the lower portion. Unless the Include Expended Traces checkbox has been clicked, only traces with an available quantity will be displayed in the Trace listing. The Trace listing allows a user to edit, delete or print a label for each trace in the listing. Additionally, a user can view where the trace item originated, whether is was a Purchase Order (PO), a Job Card (JC) or a Shipping Bill (SB). Clicking on the blue hyperlink provides the user with a read-only view of the available PO/JC/SB.

Edit Trace

Trace Information can be edited by clicking the notepad at the beginning of the trace line. Only Traces labelled as Initialize can be edited in this Trace window. Clicking on the edit icon will populate the Trace Information. Once the required changes have been made, click the Save button.

Trace quantities can be adjusted from within the Work Order detail window. Adjusting quantities in this way allows cost of adjustment to be captured.