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Figure 2-1: RAAS Item Management
and Sub-Modules

Item information is the highest level of data within RAAS, and most data in RAAS relates to a part. An action cannot be carried out in RAAS if the item the action affects has not been created, or does not allow for the action. Having said this, it follows that the way parts are created and maintained affects all of the modules of RAAS, and the ease with which part data can be maintained ultimately determines how useful RAAS really is.

The RAAS approach to part set-up is everything is a part. This means that the client-company, flight and maintenance bases, inventories, aircraft, engines, propellers, components, inspections, and consumables are all considered parts. This methodology allows RAAS to maintain all part data within one data storage area, and gives RAAS unparalleled flexibility in reporting and in movement of data within the data set to reflect real life changes.

Click on the Item Management button in the navigation bar to the left of the window to enter the Item Management module as shown in Figure 2-1. You will see a drop-down list at the top left that contains five sub-modules: Assembly Tree, Item Editor, Delivery and Status Reports, Assembly Reporting, Removal Analysis.