To delete a part, you must begin by deleting items from the lowest level up. If you want to delete a Part Description, you must first delete all Serial Numbers assocated to all Part Numbers listed under the Part Description you want to delete. Then you must delete all Part Numbers listed under the Part Description. Now, you can delete the Part Description.

Serial numbers cannot be deleted once history has been accummulated.

When this is the case, a serial number's current installation can be changed to Dead.

If not all serial numbers under a part number can be deleted, the Treat as Dead flag can be checked at both the part number detail and part description detail screens.

The Item Editor part listing can be filtered to show serial numbers in Dead and part numbers and part descriptions with Treat as Dead checked on.


  1. Click on Item Management and select Item Editor from the pull-down. Click on the binoculars that appear to the right to open the Quick Find.
  2. Using Quick Find, select the desired search type from the pull-down, enter the criteria and click Find.
  3. Select the applicable resultant and click the To Item Editor button. The Quick Find window will close, the window will refresh and display the selected resultant's details.

Deleting a Part

When there is more than one Part Number located under a Part Description, delete all associated serial numbers and that part number before moving on to the next Part Number in the list.

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Figure 12-1: Deleting a Part

Use the Navigation instructions above to locate the Part Description to be deleted. Click the part description to display the associated part numbers. Click the part number to display the associated serial numbers.

  1. For each Serial Number listed, click the red X to delete the targeted Serial Number. Click OK to confirm deletion. Repeat until all Serial Numbers associated to the targeted Part Number have been deleted.
  2. Click the red X to delete the targeted Part Number.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until there are no entries listed under the targeted Part Description.
  4. Click the red X to delete the targeted Part Description.
  5. Click the Refresh button once you have completed step 4.