The Build and Verify features, located on the Serial Number detail window, operate by comparing an item’s configuation with the information entered under the Config tab on the Part Number detail window – see Creating a Part Number - step 5.

Build Assy

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Figure 8-1: Build Assy and Verify

When the Build Assy button is clicked, RAAS will automatically create the items listed in the Config tab at the Part Number level. This feature only applies to items that do not have items already attached. After building the configuration, RAAS will display the following message: "Configuration build completed. # part(s) created".

If there are items already attached, RAAS will display the following message: "Unable to auto generate configuration because there are items already attached".

It may be necessary to enter the serial number detail screens of the items created by this routine, since they will inherit the serial number of the header part. They will also inherit constraint information.


When the Verify button is clicked, RAAS displays a Verify Filter window that allows the user to view a specific serial number, all serial numbers under the selected part number, or all serial numbers under the selected part description to display in the Verification Report. Within this list of serial numbers, the user can opt to Include suspended items. The Verification Report will show an assembly or list of parts that are attached and indicate if they are obsolete, not setup properly or are not listed in the configuration.