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Figure 3-1: RAAS Part Management Assembly Tree

The Assembly Tree displays data according to levels of installation or levels of belonging. Each lower level item is installed on or belongs to the item immediately above it. Within the Assembly Tree, then, data is laid out in assemblies. Figure 3-1 illustrates this approach to data control with an example of the components that make up the Base assembly.

The Assembly Tree displays only assemblies (blue text) in the left-hand frame. Clicking on an item in the left-hand frame displays sub-assemblies of that item in the left-hand frame and a list of all items attached to that item (or located at that location) in the right-hand frame.

The resulting list in the right-hand frame can be filtered by item type and by inventory type. When filtering by item type Inspection, the list can be filtered by inspection type.

Cross reference (Cross Ref) information is now displayed at the part level in the Assembly Tree Item Listing and a view only Cross Ref tab has been added to the serial number detail screen.

All items belonging to, or installed on an aircraft will be located below that aircraft in the Assembly Tree. All inventory, aircraft, staffing, etc. belonging to a base will be located below that base. All bases belonging to the company will be located below the company.

Within the Assembly Tree, only data associated with the part serial number can be changed. This is done by clicking the magnifying glass beside the item of interest.