User Groups

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Figure 29-1: RAAS Options - User Groups

In RAAS, users require specific security roles in order to view, add, edit and delete date records. For this reason a user must be added to a User Group once a User Account has been created.

User Groups are created and maintained in Options - User Groups.

A specific set of security roles can be selected fro each User Group.

An individual user can be assigned to multiple User Groups and will have the ability to perform the roles from all User Groups to which they are assigned.

In order to add a user to a User Group follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Options - User Groups. Click OK.
  2. Click the User Group in the left-hand pane to which the user is to be assigned.
  3. Click the user name in the Users Excluded box in the right-hand pane in order to move that user to the Users Included box.
  4. Click Save Permissions.

Note: If a user is added to or removed from a User Group(s) or changes have been made to the User Group Roles selections, the user must logout and login again in order for the changes to take effect.