Data is created and moved by various individuals between various locations within the company, and outside the company. Within the modules of RAAS, there are many defaults and settings which appear in order to make data maintenance simpler and quicker. These defaults and settings are chosen and set up in editors within the Options module.

Options Editors

There are 40 Options Editors that can be accessed in the Options module:

  1. Account Code List
  2. Account Code Segment List
  3. Aircraft Information
  4. Airport Information
  5. Base Information
  6. Carrier List
  7. Company Settings
  8. Copy An Assembly
  9. Currency List
  10. Employee Information
  11. Export Assembly
  12. Expense Center
  13. Harmonization Codes
  14. Inspection Types
  15. Inventory Classification
  16. Inventory Types
  17. Job Card Groups
  18. Job Priority List
  19. Keyword Alert Profile
  20. Labour Categories
  1. Originators List
  2. Payment Terms List
  3. Planning Categories
  4. Order Rec Report Email
  5. Order/RFQ Quick Notes
  6. Problems List
  7. Purchase Request Routing
  8. Report Queue Status
  9. Scheduled Reports List
  10. Serviceability Status
  11. Stamps
  12. Time Zone Information
  13. Trades List
  14. Units of Issue
  15. User Accounts
  16. User Activity
  17. User Groups
  18. Vendor / Customer List
  19. Vendor Findings
  20. Zero Value Receipt Reason List

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Figure 24-1: Options Editors