Employee Information

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Figure 34-1: RAAS Options - Employee Information

An Employee record is required for Maintenance Personnel who will be releasing aircraft, individuals responsible for approving purchases, and those users who wish to receive email notifications from RAAS.

In order to add an Employee Record, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Options - Employee Information. Click OK. The Active Employees folder is open by default.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Fill in applicable fields in the right-hand Employee Information pane.
  4. Select the employee's user name from the Login Link pull-down.
  5. Click save.


  1. Click the Maintenance Personnel checkbox for all employees who will be selected as having completed work on jobs processed in RAAS.
  2. Click the Signature Authority checkbox for all employees who will release aircraft and enter their Signing License Number. Once the record has been added a signing license effective date can be added.
  3. Click the Purchase Approval/Buyer checkbox for Puchasing employees and employees responsible for approving purchases.
  4. Enter a valid business email address (Email (Bus)) for all employees who wish to receive email notifications from RAAS.
  5. A signature file, such as a jpeg, can be uploaded for remote/electronic order approval.
  6. Select the Email Notifications the employee is to receive.