System utilities are used to make batch global changes to the data running behind the inspection modules for each aircraft type.

Warning! Actions in this part of the system are not reversible and should therefore be clearly understood before using.

Edit Mode - In order to add or revise items, Edit Mode must be enabled.

Aircraft Type Binding

Apply Task Effectivity - used when additional aircraft of an exisiting type are added to the system.

Publish MRM Items

Before a task, group, or package can be used it must be published. This applies to taks newly added and to existing tasks being revised. This Utilities option is used to publish tasks, groups, and packages in a batch environment.

  1. Click the Publish button to see all unpublished taks, groups, and packages
  2. Select items to be published and click the Publish button.

Inspection Program Interval Scheme

An aircraft type will have at least a normal inspection interval scheme. However, in some cases due to the operating conditions an aircraft will experience, it may be required to track other interval scheme.

When an aircraft type needs to track more than one Inspection Program Interval Scheme, the schemes are defined here. Schemes defined here will be available on the Frequency tab of the task detail.