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Figure 20-2: Task Tracking Analysis

The Inspection Documents module is aware of every individual task. Therefore, RAAS can report on the content, revision level, frequency, etc. of all tasks. If every inspection tracked against your aircraft (all A-Checks, all C-Checks, all component maintenance, all OOP, all CPCP, etc.) is in turn linked to an associated IDM task or task group, then data lists and reports can be produced that detail the entire inspection program for your aircraft, right down to the individual task level. The Task Tracking Analysis sub-module can tell you what is tracking on the aircraft and what is not, and it also maintains aircraft-specific task effectivity, so if a task is not effective then the Task Tracking Analysis can show the reason. Since RAAS tracks task frequency, it can also tell you about the due times of the individual tasks in a given inspection and your relative compliance.