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Figure 33-1: Revising a Group

  1. Click on Inspection Documents and select Task Editor from the pull down and click Go.
  1. If your fleet consists of multiple aircraft types, select the desired aircraft type from the Aircraft Type pull down.
  1. Select the group to be revised from Groups pull down and click Go.
  1. Click Enter Rev Mode and enter a reason for revision.
  1. At this point, there will actually be two copies of the group - the existing or "live" copy, and an unpublished copy that is being revised. Unpublished groups will appear in the Groups drop-down with the word "Unpublished" in brackets. Only the live copy can be used in Planning and Production for planning purposes.
  1. When the desired revisions have been made, click Publish Revision. This will now be the live copy and the previous live copy will be moved to history.