The Inspection Documents module (IDM) is where source MRM/MPD task data and associated instruction cards (JIC, MTC, Work Card, etc.) are managed within RAAS. This source data is used to develop inspection programs specific to the operating conditions experienced within your fleet. Inspection programs can be dynamically customized as needs require.

Not limited to MRM tasks, the module can accommodate all types of inspection data such as CPCP tasks and even custom tasks such as an APU hours meter reading task, for example, to be included in a Service Check inspection.

Because the Inspection Documents module is aware of every individual task, the system can report on the content, revision level, frequency, etc. of all tasks. If every inspection tracked against your aircraft (all letter and hours Checks, all component maintenance, all OOP, all CPCP etc.) is in turn linked to an associated Inspection Documents module task or task group, then data lists and reports can be produced that detail the entire inspection program for your aircraft, right down to the individual task level. At any moment a report can be generated to show what is tracking on the aircraft and what is not, whether or not a specific task is effective to a given aircraft, and if not show the reason. Because task frequency is tracked the system can also report on due times of individual tasks in a given inspection and their relative compliance.

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Figure 22-1: Inspection Documents Module

The Inspection Documents module contains six sub-modules:

  1. Task Editor - The addition and revision of Inspection Tasks
  2. Task Tracking Analysis - Charts what is tracking on the aircraft and what is not, and maintains aircraft-specific task effectivity.
  3. Group Editor - The grouping of Inspection Tasks into one Group
  4. Group Compare
  5. Package Editor - The grouping of Inspection Groups into one Package
  6. Utilities - Settings for Edit Mode, Task Effectivity, Publishing of Tasks, Groups and Packages, and Aircraft Type Inspection Program Joining