Once individual tasks are uploaded into the Task Editor, the Group Editor is used to combine tasks into applicable groups based on the Inspection Program. A typical task group would be a letter or hours Check, such as an A-Check or a 600 FH Check.

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Figure 32-1: Adding a Group

Creating a Group

  1. Click on Inspection Documents and select Group Editor from the pull down and click Go.
  1. If your fleet consists of multiple aircraft types, select the desired aircraft type from the Aircraft Type pull down.
  1. Click Add.
  1. Name the group, select a group sort order, and click Save Changes. The group is now an unpublished group in revision mode.
  1. To add tasks to the group, filter the right-hand list box labeled These are tasks that are not assigned to this group for the desired tasks.

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Figure 32-2: Assigning Tasks

  1. Use the arrow buttons to move all desired tasks into the left-hand list box labeled These tasks have been assigned to this group.
  1. In order for this group to be available for use in Planning and Production, it must be published. It can be published by clicking the Publish Revision button in the Group Editor or by using the Publish utility on the Utilities screen.